Structure and Departments

Koutsoukos Haris
Office Support
Savoulidi Maria
Life Insurance Branch Secretarial Support
Katsi Ioanna
Life Insurance Reimbursements - Branch Support
Petropoulou Maria
Accounting and IT Support
Simeon Kioukas
Management (Major Risks - Other Sectors)
Iatrou Evgenia
Appointment Management & Contract Cancellations
Terzis Nikolaos
Contract Printing
Kiouka Lena
Management (Accounting, Troubleshooting)
Kioukas Giannis
General Branch Offers Manager
Papanikolaou Dimitra
Secretarial Support of Other Branches
Korkotian Tony
Peramantzis Antonis
Lagou Erica
Vasiliou Nikos
Sales Development Manager for Life Branch
Spyropoulos Dimitris
Life Branch Manager
Matsangou Maria
Publishing – Transport Branch
Markopoulou Athena
Debt collection
Georgas Giorgos
Head of Damage Department
Anastasakou Peny
Contract Printing
Aloninou Kiki
Debts collection, Fund
Stavropoulou Eleni
Accountant, Partner Agreements
Agkopian Marie
Production Management
Bakothanasi Chryssa
Debt collection, Fund
Papastamoulos Stathis
Debt collection
Daniil Kostas
Debt collection


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