The responsibilities of Builders-Engineers relate to the usual obligations with the Public Services (Urban Planning, IKA), the Employees, the Contractors, the Suppliers, the Employer - the Owner of the Project.
The responsibilities of Engineers-Manufacturers are wider and fatally accompany their construction-business activity. They are related to risks of damage - failures that can occur not only at the construction stage but also after it is completed. There are many cases where Engineers - Manufacturers paid the price of the accidental accident, the human error.
In particular, we can provide cover for:

● Risks related to Design - Supervision - Consulting Services
● Hazards related to accidental events (fire, flood, etc.), with unusual natural phenomena or with force majeure (earthquake, natural disaster), sabotage etc.
● Accidents to third parties and / or workers in the course of the construction of the project
● Manufacturing-technological risks of anthropogenic character, related to incorrect study, defect or defective material (ie, respectively, responsibility of Designer, Manufacturer, Supplier)

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