Group Programs (Health & Retirement)

The success of a business is largely based on the productivity and good health of its employees. Nowadays, where the rhythms of work and competition are more intense than ever, each employer seeks to ensure the right working environment that will allow and encourage his colleagues to give their best every day. At the same time, however, it faces the constant challenge of containing direct and indirect costs.

Businesses are themselves the people who make them, their willingness to bid, their identification with a common goal and vision. It is therefore particularly important to feel that the business for which he works and gives his best every day is not an impersonal organization but a business that really cares about and cares for its people.

The uncertainty that characterizes our time is of great concern and increased pressure on workers who seek to secure their future and their families. With a planned team program (health and retirement) you can offer your people a substantial benefit that will make them feel more optimistic and confident.
... Why Team Insurance?
Ø It is an investment in human resources for higher efficiency and productivity
Ø Attracts and retains capable executives who will work for the success of the Company
Ø Reaffirms the company's interest in the long-term interests of its human resources
Ø Protects the standard of living of workers and their families.
Ø Provides an atmosphere of financial security before and after retirement.
Ø Builds trust and loyalty relationships with the Company.
Ø Creates modern pay packages.
Ø It brings the company image of prestige and high professionalism, offering competitive advantage and added value.


Tax Treatment of Group Insurance Policy

Ø Employers' health insurance contributions for employees are subject to a tax exemption (production cost) of up to € 1500 a year per person when calculating the income tax of the legal person.
Ø Employers' contributions to the group pension insurance of employees are fully tax deductible (production costs without limit) when calculating the income tax of the legal entity.
Ø Employees' voluntary contributions (premiums) are tax exempted when calculating payroll tax.


Payment of insurance (self-taxation)

Ø With a 10% rate for a one-time paid up to 40,000 €
Ø With a 20% rate for a lump sum payment exceeding € 40,000 (for more than € 40,000)
Ø The rates of the above cases are increased by 50% if the beneficiary receives an early redemption amount.
Do not consider early payment any payment you make to an employee who has a pension entitlement or has reached the age of 60 and any payments made without the will of the employee such as redundancies in the bankruptcy of the employer.
Ø In the case of loss of life of the insured, the insurance is subject to inheritance tax.


Personal Group Accidents

Insurance of Company staff at a more affordable cost than the risk of death or invalidity due to an accident.

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