The profession of lawyer is a branch that needs a useful tool to protect against actual or non-pecuniary claims of third parties for errors or omissions in the provision of legal services.
We can therefore refer to freelance lawyers as well as to law firms providing insurance solutions.

Indicative cover:
Ø Purely financial damages provided by a covered event occurred during the life of the policy and are due to acts or omissions of the insured person directly and exclusively related to his activity, resulting from the interpretation and application of Greek law
Ø Expenditure for legal or extrajudicial support, including interest, court fees, expert expenses appointed by the company.
Ø The necessary costs incurred with the company's consent for the investigation, verification, retaliation, claim, damages of a third party from a covered event, including the costs and expenses of a relevant trial
Ø Loss of documents
Ø Credibility of employees
Ø Dissipation and slanderous defamation
Ø Incorrect professional advice
Ø Costs of court presence
Ø Violation of personal data
Ø Contract mistakes
Ø Violation of intellectual property rights
Ø Breach of duty & privacy