Doctors and paramedical professions

Physical damages or death caused by the Insured in emergency situations beyond his / her specialty.
Use of ray machines for diagnostic purposes.
Use of machines for warmth and electrotherapy. It is clarified that this extension is valid for physicians and physiotherapists.

Performing small surgeries in outpatient clinics, even if the occupational activity declared and referring to the insurance policy does not provide for surgical operations.
Use of ionizing radiation.
Radiation therapy (electromagnetic radiation carried out by a linear accelerator or cobalt and / or particle radiation) within the competence of the physician Radiotherapy Oncologist and physician
In the case whereby an insured person is in the custody of a personal medical service and is also carrying out his / her duties, cover extends to include bodily harm and / or material damage as a result of an accident possibly caused to third parties, at the fault of the Insured, by the possession, use and general operation of the premises and facilities of his /
The Company's liability limit also includes an amount of cover for legal support costs and legal costs for the defense of the insured person in criminal courts resulting from a covered incident of this professional liability for negligent violations.