Life Insurance

Life Insurance is the only way someone can instantly buy a certain amount of future income.

Any other way of securing this money through:

• Bank deposit

• Investment in shares, mutual funds, bonds

• Investment in real estate

…would not be able to generate for him the required funds quickly and at the time they are needed.

Simply put, life insurance takes the place of lost income – it replaces our financial worth when we’re gone or become completely unable to work.

Life Insurance programs provide protection of family and personal income from unforeseen events that can occur in the insured’s life from Accident or Illness (Loss of Life, Permanent Total or Partial Disability) and that threaten to leave the insured and his family financially exposed. “Life Insurance” ensures the maintenance of the standard of living of the family and the insured. It ensures the future income of the family in case of loss of life and the personal income in case of incapacity. It also ensures the preservation of the movable and immovable property of the insured. The main purpose of life insurance is the immediate creation of capital.

What does the insured do?

It buys capital

• Immediately

• He doesn’t wait to gather

• Ready to use at any time, even with a one-time payment

Life Insurance ….. to leave nothing to chance!