For years we toil, make sacrifices, borrow to have a house. Would it not be wise to protect it from all possible danger by paying a small price?

We offer you the most comprehensive solutions for both mortgage insurance and your permanent and holiday home insurance. The insurance covers both the building and its contents, as well as works of art and objects of particular value with an all-risk insurance policy. The provided insurance coverage and benefits include all the risks that threaten a residence and can be adapted to your needs, by selecting individual or adding optional coverages, such as e.g. the earthquake coverage to be cut and sewn to your measurements.


* Fire & Fire caused by a Lightning

* Theft/ Burglary

* Damage to the building and contents from theft

* Smoke

* Explosion

* Forest fire

* Plane crash

* Strikes and political unrest

* Malicious actions

* Natural Phenomena

* Leakage, Break or Overflow of Water Pipes

* Short circuit

* Breaking mirrors and glass panes

* Relocation expenses and loss of income

* Debris removal costs

* Civil liability for fire

* Earthquake

* Replacement value