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Our experience and prestige, our financial strength, our technological investments and our promptness are key guarantees to get to know us.

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Cover Insurance is a broker protecting “umbrella” for every professional insurer. By investing in our specialized personnel, in our technology and in our healthy past, we are a lever of development in the modern professional broker.


Economic benefits - Productivity incentives

Technological benefits

Considering that technology is our ally, we are constantly investing in systems that serve and facilitate our network. Cover Insurance has progressed in recent years in the development of digital systems and operational applications, as well as in the organization of technology infrastructures that differentiate us in the Greek insurance market.


  1. Portfolio monitoring
  2. Production tracking
  3. Full picture of contracts and customers
  4. Immediate pricing in more than 20 insurance companies
  5. Send an offer with the partner’s corporate identity
  6. Immediate issuance of a new contract-renewal using a production-defined ceiling
  7. Ability to mass publish and send notices electronically to your customers
  8. Ability to send SMS to your clientele as you define
  9. Ability to make an appointment via our office collectors

We provide an organized library with all terms per industry and company and all applications in order to serve you directly and independently.


It is the most modern and proven insurance office monitoring software. The full collaboration of the Blue Byte program with Web Insurer creates direct contact information in real time.
In addition, there is the possibility of a production file bridge between Cover Insurance program and the collaborator’s program.

Web Insurer

Blue Byte