Professional Dangers

Business insurance is addressed to those who have small and large businesses whether they are owners or tenants and to all those who derive income from the area to be insured.

Business security varies and is commensurate with the nature of the business. Against a low insurance premium (which is passed on to expenses) you ensure the viability of your business, against the daily risks it is exposed to.

Building facilities are insured, as well as any improvements made to the building. We insure with the highest coverage and the lowest cost, the fixed equipment of the premises to be insured (office, PC, cash registers, any machines, etc.) and finally we insure the contents of the business, the goods or the raw materials.

The potential risks are many. The main ones are:

Fire – Lightning & Fire caused by a Short-circuit

Disruption of Public Order
Malicious and Terrorists Acts

Flood – Storm and
Snow – Frost
Leakage, Break or Overflow of Water Pipes and/ or Sprinklers and Drainage Pipes

Damages from vehicle collisions or aircraft crashes

Landslide damage

Short Circuit Damage Content Theft & Coverage

Theft/ Burglary

Accidental Crystal Breakage

Temporary relocation expenses

Damage to the illuminated sign

Ground clearance costs

Engineering study expenses

Loss of rent 

Coverage of fixed business expenses due to business interruption

Cash Heist Coverage


Technical Assistance for damage restoration

Complex, commercial and industrial risks present particularities that require a specialized approach. The accumulation of large values as well as the same or nature of the main tasks which in many cases present an increased risk dictate a separate approach for each proposed risk.

COVER INSURANCE with more than 40 years of experience in industrial risk insurance can ensure the optimal combination of insurance coverage and premium by offering comprehensive and specialized insurance solutions.